What is Psychotic Depression?

Date: 2013-04-29
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Psychotic Disorder is a very severe form of depression and is seen in very few and extreme cases. As the name suggests, in psychotic depression a person suffers from both psychotic as well as depressing symptoms.In psychotic disorder the functioning of the person becomes very poor. Their self care and daily life start to deteriorate. Apart from that they have suicidal ideas and there is this severe risk that person may even attempt to suicide. Psychotic depression is not only characterised by depressive symptoms but also hallucinations or delusions. In general a person with psychotic depression tends to detach itself from reality. Often it has been observed that psychotically depressed people become paranoid and they come to believe that their thoughts are not their own. At certain times they even feel that others can hear their thoughts. Watch this video to learn more about psychotic disorder.