Flabby Arms Workout At Home: Easy Exercises To Tone Your Hands

Tips for ParentBy Onlymyhealth Editorial Team / Feb 20, 2021

Every morning our body gets new energy. It doesn't matter where you exercise, but how long you exercise daily is essential. Because experts believe that a person must exercise at least 30 minutes per day. By not exercising, you are not only deprived of its benefits, but your body starts to treat many diseases. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to other lifestyle disorders such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Often, fat does not accumulate on different parts of your body like the belly, waist, thighs and arms, which makes you look ugly, and your weight gradually increases, which can cause obesity. In the same way, when there is an accumulation of fat on your hands, then it starts to lump in the form of fat, which looks quite ugly. To simplify this challenge of toning your hands, here are simple exercises. In this video, we are sharing the training of toning the hands.

Exercise to tone hands

Women are often worried about their flabby arms. Their arms become loose, and the fat starts hanging. In such a situation, these exercises can be very beneficial; not only women but also men can do it.  

  • Arm kicks: Arm kicks are very easy to exercise. In this, you have to jerk your hands in one place. First of all, with the elbows bent outwards, keeping your hands upward. After that, open your hands and then move up and down. You can do this 10-10 times. 
  • Arm rotation: Arm rotation exercise is a very simple exercise. In this, you have to rotate your hands while standing at your place. Opening both hands, rotate forward and then backwards. Do this 10-10 times. Gradually forward the number. 

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