Strawberry lyrics - delicious good looking summer drink

Date: 2016-03-29
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As the summer is hitting we present you the drink of romance. This pretty looking drink of strawberry not only hydrates from inside but also gives you a delightful flavor. Strawberry is available in abundance during summers. Let’s make this yummy drink for your evening party. This drink is very easy to make and can be prepared at home in less time. Take 4-5 fresh strawberries in glass and muddle it properly to give it a consistent fine look. Take 2-3 lemons, cut, and squeeze in glass. Put it in glass along with lemon slices. Now add approx. 30 ml of strawberry crush and ice cubes. Shake the ingredients in glass well to ensure proper mixing. Strain the juice in a serving glass and add ice cubes to half. Now add tonic water to give it a twist. Garnish the drink with lemon slices. Your drink is ready now.
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