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Sports and Fitness: Know how sports and fitness activities can help you feel young and rejuvenated through our video section
  • Animal Movements Fitness - Bear Walk

    Bear walk is basically an animal movement where you walk on all your four limbs like a bear.

  • What is the best form of cardio for your body’s overall fitness

    Exercising is the best activity that you can get accustomed to, for a healthy life. Yes, indeed cardio is something that you can do regardless of your age and gender; it is the most basic level of exercise and could include cycling, running and cross trainings.

  • Exercises to avoid for people with knee pain

    Staying healthy in today’s time is an uphill task. With such a messed up schedule, from eating habits to sleeping patterns, everything is messed up, although, people do try to adapt to a healthy lifestyle with an exercise regimen with running, swimming and other gym workouts.

  • Exercises people having back pain should avoid

    Back pain is a very common complaint. Approximately 98 percent of back pain patients are diagnosed with nonspecific acute back pain in which no serious underlying pathology is identified.

  • Right way to do basic glute bridges + variation

    Continuously sitting at one place for longer hours has maximum effect on your legs, thighs and posterior. However, you cannot do anything about your working hours or your commute, where you spend at least an hour sitting. Desk jobs all over the world have the same adverse effect.

  • Isometric exercise series

    Ageing is an inevitable phenomenon that every individual goes through. It is indeed true that ageing is something that we cannot ignore or halt but we surely can delay the process or the impact.

  • How to do the half bridge and full bridge pose

    Getting up in the morning and then rushing to the gym, getting up and then going for a run and walk when the entire world is in their beds, cozily snuggling with their pillows doesn’t at all sound fair but staying healthy is another need that you cannot over look.

  • Exercises for people with knee injury

    The knee is a complex joint with many components, making it vulnerable to a variety of injuries. It is made up of four main things: bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons.

  • 4 Exercises you can do on a chair

    If you have been skipping your workout because you are too busy to go to gym, worry not, you can easily to do a full body workout on a chair. Yes, we are not kidding. A chair is all you need and you can engage every muscle of your body by following the moves given in the video.

  • What is the right weight for your workout

    When you plan your weight training workout regimen, you tend to focus more on things like which muscles you are going to work on which days, and what exercises you are going to do in each workout routine, you even decide number of sets and reps your will perform for each exercise and so on.

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