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  • Diabetes Effect on Reproductive Health of Women

    Dr. Beena Bansal of 'Medanta The Medicity', explains the reasons and effects of diabetes on women. Different forms (especially type 1 and type 2) of diabetes, found in young girls to adolescents, can be the result of irregularity in menstruation or vice versa.

  • Your Diet Can Deal with Menopause

    Your Diet can deal with Menopause - Menopause means that your body is going through major changes. During this time the body requires isoflavones to deal with the changes. And there is no better way to intake isoflavones than by your diet.

  • Sex Education: Tips for Oral Sex

    Sexual Health Videos: Tips for Oral Sex. Oral sex is a deeply intimate sexual act and should be performed only if you are completely assured about it. Watch on this videos expert reviews of Dr Pulkit Sharma on the Do's and Don’t's of oral sex.

  • Sex Education: Is Post Sex Behaviour Important?

    Sex and Relationship Health Videos: Post Sex Behavior. It is hard to predict what would be the behavior of person after sex. According to pur expert Dr Pulkit sharma it is important to know post sex behavior.

  • Sex Education: How Often Couples should Have Sex?

    How often should married couples have sex ? Know the answer to this question from our expert Dr Pulkit Sharma.

  • Sex Education: Importance of Foreplay

    Sexual Health Videos: Importance of Foreplay. Watch on our sex and relationship health videos section a detailed explanation about the importance of foreplay and also find out the benefits of foreplay in setting the right mood for enjoying sex.

  • Sex Education: Is The Withdrawal Method Safe?

    Sexual Health Videos: Is Withdrawal Method Safe. Withdrawal method is a male contraceptive birth control method which reduces the chances of unwanted pregnancy, but the question is whether this method are safe or not.

  • Sex Education about the Best Sex Positions

    Sex Health Videos: Best Sex Positions: Watch on our sex and relationship videos, what are the best sex positions that’s make sex a pleasure experience? Discover the importance of sex positions during intercourse.

  • Is There Sex After Heart Disease?

    People, who have had a heart disease and are in a romantic or marital relationship, tend to ask themselves the most obvious question “is there sex after heart disease?” Dr Hassan Tehrani, Endo Vascular Surgeon, ARTEMIS, describes the rather subtle or negligible relationship that there is between sex and heart attack because there shouldn’t really be any problem having sex following a heart attack or any other heart problem.

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