Push up variations never heard of single side elevated pushups

Date: 2016-10-19
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Being fitness is the latest fad. Yes, getting a fit body is what everyone is focusing on. If you closely notice, more and more people are turning into fitness freaks and doing their best to get a healthy and fit body. People have a schedule where they have squeezed in a workout regimen. Despite being so busy, people try and workout on regular basis but all the efforts are not just to have a healthy lifestyle. People work-out rigorously for more than just healthy lifestyle. People exercise, spend hours in gym to get a fit and toned body. Who does not want a great body?


There are variations in exercises to tone different part of body. And just like that, this video here shows you a variation in pushups, single side elevated pushups. This pushup will help you work on your triceps and wings together. Watch this video and know how single side elevated pushups.

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