Pretty sweet heart - popular summer drink among women

Date: 2016-03-29
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As the name suggest pretty sweetheart is a very lavish drink with exotic flavors of pomegranate and watermelon. This low calorie drink is very famous amongst women. It is filled with health benefits. Pomegranate provides essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Also the watermelon having water as key ingredient gives hydrating effect to body. This drink is not only to fulfill your thirst but also gives energy. Let’s know how to prepare this fresh drink pretty sweetheart. Take freshly cut watermelon in a glass. Ensure that all the seeds are removed properly. Crush and muddle it properly to get consistent syrup. Add fresh salvia leaves and muddle it with watermelon. Once the water melon is properly crushed with salvia leaves add pomegranate syrup. One can add freshly prepared pomegranate juice preferably. Now add ice cubes and shake it well. Once done properly transfer the liquid to serving glass using sieve. Garnish the drink with fresh watermelon. Now your drink is ready to serve.
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