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  • Obesity Problems in Pets

    Obesity is one the most common problems that occurs in pets due to the type of the food (high in calorific value) are given to them. If the pet is unable to channelize these calories, it might result in obesity or other major problems in heart or kidneys.

  • How to Avoid Flea Problems in Pets

    A common problem that occurs in pets is of Fleas. You can save your pet from these problems by spraying anti flea medicines or making them wear anti flea collar. It is also advised to use anti flea shampoo while bathing your pet.

  • Pets First Aid Kit While Travelling

    Wandering what are the important points to remember during the travel along with your pet. Always make sure the pet is empty stomach while traveling. In case the pet vomits during the travel, don't forget to give him medicine.

  • Knowing Pets Psychology

    Pets also suffer from psychological problems but unlike us they can't speak and share their problem. However, severe anxiety or frequent barking without reasons can be addressed as the psychological problems.

  • Summer Health Tips for Pets

    Dr. Ajay Guliani, Veterinary surgeon, shares important tips that will help to keep your pet healthy in summer. Make sure your pet doesn't go out in peak hours of heat (i.e. around 11 or 4 O'clock in after noon) to avoid heat strokes.

  • Winter Health Tips for Pets

    If you have any query regarding the health of your pet during different seasons. Dr. Ajay Guliani is here to help you out. During winter season, it is advisable not to take your pet on a early morning walk or late in the evenings as the cold could affect the health of your pet.

  • Pet First Aid Advice While Travelling

    Dr.Ajay Guliani, Veterinary Surgeon, advices important tips on travelling along with your pet. Whenever you travel with your pet always make sure to carry him empty stomach.

  • Pet Adoption Advice

    Thinking of adopting a pet? Here are some important suggestions from Dr. Ajay Guliani, Veterinary Surgeon that you should know before you adopt a pet for yourself. People have a tendency of choosing a pet on their looks without considering the breed.

  • Veterinary Medicine in India

    In early days when veterinary medication was not available, homemade remedies were used to treat pets. However, since the time has changed there are about 40-50 veterinary colleges in India, where people are being taught about the veterinary medicine.

  • Relationship Between Household Staffs and Pets

    Wondering how to take care of your lovely pet? Dr. Ajay Guliani, Veterinary Surgeon, tells us the important things that you should be aware of about your pet's health.

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