Ashtang Yoga - Parivritta Parshvakonasana

Tips for ParentBy Onlymyhealth Editorial Team / Jun 14, 2016
Parivrtta Parsvakonasana is also known as revolved side angle pose. When running on the treadmills, lifting weights, chin ups, pull ups, jogging; swimming and all other exercises seem to be too hectic and time consuming, one can seek help from ‘Yog’. Yes, yog is also known as yoga, is the most ancient modes of attaining peace and health mind, body and soul. Health issues such as constipation, osteoporosis, sciatica, low backache and infertility can be cured if you include this yogasana in your routine. Watch this video and learn Parivrtta Parsvakonasana step by step. Start with tadasna, slowly spread your legs wide apart and then spread your arms wide apart. Turn your upper body to right, bend your right knee slightly, bring your left palm to the left and place it on the right side of your right foot. Stay in the same position for about 30 seconds and then get back to tadasana. Repeat the same, just twist the body other side. Although, do not attempt this pose if you have insomnia, headache and blood pressure issues, this asana may worsen the problems. This asana can strengthen and stretch your legs and knees, can stimulate your abdominal organs while improving digestion and stamina

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