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  • How to treat your knee pain

    Constant wear and tear of the knee joint is one of the primary reasons for knee pain. It may occur in older adults, young adults and children. Here is what you can do treat it.

  • What is knee replacement surgery?

    Do you have a stiff, painful knee that makes it almost impossible for you to do even the simplest of activities and other treatments don’t seem to work for you? You need knee replacement surgery.

  • What could be the causes of you knee pain?

    There could be many cause of knee pain, it could be an old injury, or it could be Osteoarthritis.

  • How to treat heel pain

    Did you know over use of the heel bone can result in heel pain? Watch this video to know how to treat heel pain.

  • How to recover from your heel pain before it gets serious

    Like any other ailment, one must take care of the heel pain before it gets serious. Of course, if an ailment is not diagnosed it can trouble you more.

  • What to change in your diet to ease pain in heel

    No matter what the cause of pain in your heel is, diet can actually help you ease the pain.

  • Causes for the pain in your heels

    Heel pain is a very common issue, also called as planterphasitis or calcaneal spur is primarily caused by wrong selection of shoes.

  • What is tennis elbow

    Tennis elbow is a condition that occurs when you overuse your arm, forearm and hand muscles resulting in elbow pain. Most people think that it can only happen to people who play tennis but the truth is that it can happen to anyone.

  • Causes Of Back Pain

    There could be several causes of back pain. It becomes difficult to point out the particular reason why you are having one. It could be due to age, or slipping of one vertebra over the other, due to bacterial infection, inflammation, or due to mechanical problems.

  • Back pain exercise at home

    Having a proper posture while sitting and sleeping is necessary for a healthy back. You need to exercise to strengthen your muscles and give them defense against pain and injury for years to come.

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