October 2010.. Breast Cancer awareness month

Tips for ParentBy Onlymyhealth Editorial Team / Apr 21, 2010
One of the major risk factors of breast cancer is a woman’s age. Dr. Vinay Aggarwal, internal medicine physician says that women, who are in their 50’s or above, have maximum concern about the development of breast cancer. Women in their 20s and 30s complain about lumps in their breasts especially during menstruation cycles, but these lumps are usually benign. At 20, women are assessed for breast lumps and it is done after every 3 years until they turn 39. Mammogram for breast cancer screening is not done in women less than 40 because they have fibrous tissues that make cancerous cell detectiondifficult. Alternative screening method is MRI scan, which is comparatively expensive thanmammogram. An ultrasound is done if mammogram detects a cancerous lump.

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