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  • Who needs treatment from a psychiatrist

    Assessment of patients with a behavioral problems is required to treat this disease. In this video our expert has explained about the symptoms and signs to access the need of psychiatrist treatment. Depression can have serious consequences, if left untreated.

  • What is depression

    Depression is more than just feeling “down”. Depression causes severe symptoms that affect your whole physiology by disturbing your normal brain function. It hinders your thoughts, feelings and ability to handle daily activities, such as working, sleeping or eating.

  • What are the physical symptoms of depression

    Well, indeed the person suffering depression will exhibit certain signs, like eating a lot or eating way too much, sleep disorders, lack of interest in hobbies and so on but apart from these signs, someone suffering from depression will show physical symptoms of depression.

  • Types of depression

    What is depression? Well, depression is nothing but a feeling of sorrow, gloom, sadness and dejection. Depression can be classified into different levels and stages.

  • How to recognize if someone near you is suffering from depression

    You are sitting in a public conveyance, surrounded by thousands of people and you wouldn’t be able to tell that the person sitting right next to you is suffering from depression because signs of depressions aren’t easy to determine.

  • How to deal with a child who has an eating disorder

    Eating disorder is more complicated than just unhealthy eating habits. Eating disorders develop distorted and self critical attitudes about weight, food, body image and look. These disorders can generate negative thoughts and feelings.

  • Tackling insomnia and sleeping problems

    Insomnia, which is an inability to sleep, is a disruptive and often life-altering sleep disorder that can be attributed to several different factors. One out of three persons in their life suffers from insomnia.

  • What is Manic Dysthymia

    Manic Dysthymia is a form of mild depression that does not have any severe symptoms, though it can make people suffering from it to avoid interacting with other people. At mild level, the person feels sad and this goes on and stays for years.

  • What is Psychotic Depression?

    Psychotic Disorder is a very severe form of depression and is seen in very few and extreme cases. As the name suggests, in psychotic depression a person suffers from both psychotic as well as depressing symptoms.

  • What is Bipolar Manic Depression?

    Manic Depression is also referred as bipolar depression. As the name suggests bipolar depression has two poles of mood. One pole is extreme sadness and other pole is extreme euphoria.The person tends to shuffle between these two poles.

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