Magic of Fiber The Wonder Nutrient

Date: 2013-09-23
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Fiber is something that cannot be digested and it remains undigested and unabsorbed in your intestines. It is known to perform wonderful and magnificent functions. There are two types of fiber soluble and non soluble fiber. Soluble fiber remains undigested in the intestine. It takes up water from the foods that you eat or from the digested enzymes and forms a thick and viscous gel or liquid which has amazing property of slowing down the movements and absorption of undesirable food components by winding and trapping them for a better health. It reduces cholesterol and chances of getting diabetes. Likewise, the insoluble fiber takes up water and swells up like a sponge to provide bulk to the waste matter in the large intestine to allow easy evacuation of stool. It also prevents you from constipation and cures many intestinal disorders. Watch this video to know the magic of fiber!
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