Is drinking tea healthy

Date: 2016-03-16
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When it comes to beverages, can something ever outshine tea? British people kind of did us a favor by bestowing us with the cup of bliss. But is tea a heath drink? The answer is yes if we consume it in moderate amount. A cup of tea with 1 tablespoon of sugar and low fat milk contains 40 calories. Drinking 1-4 cup of tea daily is considered good for maintenance of healthy body. For making an ideal tea one should limit the amount of sugar and milk. Also boil the tea below 1000C.Using tea leaves is a better option to get maximum benefits. So you can enjoy tea as health drink by making it the right way. Drinking tea provide certain phytochemicals to body which reduce the chances of cancer and gastrointestinal problems. Also tea gives fluoride to body which aids to teeth health. Drinking tea after lunch reduces the chances of bloating in stomach. It also maintains the gut flora.