How to suppress pimples

Date: 2015-05-11
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Breakouts on the skin are a bane to any oily-skinned beauty, especially if there is an event coming up on the calendar. With there being no dearth of information on how a pimple can be hidden from sight, it becomes a daunting dilemma to even try any of them. Preventing a pimple from popping out and ruining your look despite the perfect make-up may seem like an impossible mission, but it is not so appalling as it appears. In fact, it is easy and hardly takes a minute. Inflammation is one of the first reactions of the skin to zits or pimples. Medically, they are healthy and a part of the body’s healing process, but of course, no one wants to have red bumps plastered all over the face. While it is recommended that you let the inflammation reduce by its own, you may use this pimple-suppressing tip for emergency purposes such as when going to an event. So, start by cleaning your face with water and anti-septic face wash. Then take a thin cube of ice and rub it on the affected area of the skin for a minute. Take the cube off the skin and dab a tissue paper over the skin to wipe water off. Redness caused by a pimple can be reduced with the help of eye drops. Eye drops help in reducing redness and puffiness of eyes and can do the same trick when used on pimples. Fortunately, your look-out for an effective temporary pimple treatment ends here with our make-up expert, Vidya Tikari, sharing her tricks to suppress pimples before doing make-up.
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