How to meditate for beginners

Date: 2016-05-30
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Life is full of chaos and people seek reclusion, peace, constructive solitude but often it happens that people fail to achieve that peace and solitude that they desire. Meditation is one way to achieve peace; peace for your mind and soul. However, meditation for beginners becomes a bit difficult when they don’t know how to meditate. This video here gives meditation tips for beginners. Yes, before meditating, one must have the basic guide meditate properly. Meditation is divided in two phases, phase one and phase two. Phase one is where you get to understand the real purpose of meditation. The basic need for a peaceful meditation session is a quiet place where you can peacefully sit and concentrate on your breathing. Also, meditation mats and cushions, comfortable clothes are needed for a comfortable session. Decide a fixed and suitable time of the day when you are less stressed. Now comes phase 2. Here you need to learn the techniques of meditation, like right sitting posture for meditation, breathing technique and so on. Watching this video may allow you to meditate in a better way. Watch and learn.