How to increase the life of your leather shoes

Tips for ParentBy Onlymyhealth Editorial Team / Jun 24, 2016
There are hardly any people who have only one pair of shoes. Yes, indeed no one stops at one pair of shoes. Some call it necessity to buy more than one pair of shoes; rest is an entirely different species of people who just keep on buying shoes and it becomes their passion to buy shoes. People, who love to buy shoes, don’t usually have a particular choice. They buy sports shoes, sneakers, loafers and what not. However, there is one particular type of shoe which is very common, leather shoes. Yes, people who have passion for leather shoes are the people, who are considered these as uber classy and their choice of leather shoes will always manage to draw attention, regardless of the outfit. Roughout, Veg-Tanned, Pull-Up, Chamois, Suede, Scotch Grain, Shell Cordovan, Calfskin are some of the types of leather used in making shoes. People buying these shoes don’t just buy shoes but give their all to take care of the shoes. Of course, people with passion for shoes wish to increase the life of your leather shoes as leather shoes are generally very delicate and need extra care. They are very well aware of the pointers to keep extend the life of their leather shoes since these shoes are susceptible to moisture and damage in different seasons. The foremost way of taking care of your leather shoes is choosing the right polish. Yes you must never use water based polishes on your shoes, instead use wax based polish. Whenever you are not wearing your shoes, stuff them with a roll of paper to maintain the natural crafted shape of your leather shoes as they tend to lose shape easily. Do not wear or take off your shoes harshly, or do not pull them down with other foot. Untie your laces first, and take care to get them off your feet. This is how, just a little bit of care can extend the life of your leather shoes.

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