How to hide pimple with foundation

Date: 2015-05-11
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One of the most easily treatable skin problems that are also among the most popular is breakouts or pimples. And, there is no dearth of cosmetic products to give a spot-on treatment for pimples especially for those looking to quickly hide theaffected area. One of such products is foundation and our make-up expert VidyaTikari tells us exactly how to use it to hide pimples. When you hit the cosmetic store, make sure you pick products according to your skin type. Considering that a pimple-prone skin is generally oily, choosing an oil-free foundation canprove fruitful. Also, prioritise how much coverage you need from your foundation. Start by drawing a dollop of a matte, oil-free foundation (for oily skin) on to a pallet and apply it in downward strokes using a brush. If you wish to hide red, stubborn pimples, you may apply a second layer of the foundation all over the skin or just the affected area. This should be done using an eye shadow brush. The redness of a pimple can also be corrected using a color corrector of a slight greenish tone. Always remember not to rub any product on the face because that will not allow an equal spread, but a patchy one.
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