How to flirt with a pretty girl

Date: 2016-05-27
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Flirting is good for health and it becomes rewarding if you are doing it with a pretty girl. However, there are guys that lack these flirting skills. Of course, even flirting requires basic skills. You should know the correct ways to flirt with a pretty girl because one wrong move can make you lose your only chance to date this pretty girl and that would be a big loss. There are guys who instantly get cold feet with just the thought of flirting with a pretty girl. However, we bring you this video to give you great ideas for flirting. Some of the basic flirting tips include making the first move with a smile. Yes, the girl would never make the first move, but who said you can never do it? Go talk to her about her interests. Don’t be a blabber mouth but encourage her to talk as well. Maintain eye contact, do not stare. Try and make her feel comfortable. Now that you know the ways to flirt with a pretty girl, you might bag a date before next Valentine’s Day. Watch the video and learn.
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