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How to deal with arguments in relationships

Tips for ParentBy Onlymyhealth Editorial Team / 2016-10-03T05:13:57+5:30

Love is beautiful. It is great to have someone special by your side, in your lows and in your highs. Love is about having morning walks together hand in hand, love is about eating from same plate, love is about smiling automatically every time you look at your partner, love is having ticklish sensations every time your partner touches, love is beautiful. However, there are always two sides to every story. Indeed love is a great feeling but are you with your partner for all the love that they give you? No absolutely not, you are in love with your partner for more than just happiness.


Things that couples these days do not understand that love is not about all the laughs and happiness you can have together but more than that. If you are going to share the laughter, you will also have to share the tears. If you are happy together, you must know that you will be sad tighter as well. You will have arguments, you will have disagreements, you will have fights and there will be many things that you are going to share with each other more than just happiness and love. The only problem is that couple these days stick together in happy times and drift apart when a little struggle, a little fight, a little argument comes into the picture. This is not how it should be.


Young couples must learn the art of prevent or coping with arguments. Here are some tips and tricks that couple must try when having an argument.


  • When a disagreements crop up, you must stop discussing it.


  • Do not take the issue further if you don’t see any solution.


  • See, if the topic is worth the trouble as many a time couple argue over petty issues as well and sometimes it leads to break up.

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