How to apply skin primer

Date: 2015-05-11
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Applying-make up directly to the skin without first setting it with a primer can give a cakey appearance to the skin. It is therefore, very important to use a dollop of primer before starting out with your make-up regime. For those of you who do not know what a primer is, well, it is a cream or lotion that is applied before any cosmetic to increase the longevity of the makeup and improve coverage. Applying makeup without a primer can ruin your look instead of making it better. Primer not only sets the perfect foundation for the makeup, but it also prevents your skin from absorbing moisture out of the makeup, making skin appear cracked and dry. But, that is not it. Primer has to be applied the right away. Watch our makeup expert, Vidya Tikari tell us exactly how to do it perfectly. When applying primer you must keep in mind not to squeeze out more than a dollop of the cream. Too much of primer can also make your skin appear superficial. So take a pea-sized squeeze out of the tube and using a brush apply it evenly all over your skin.
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