How much tea should you drink

Date: 2016-03-14
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All of us know that tea is packed with health benefits. But how much tea we require daily to extract all the benefits of it. Expert says drinking tea 1-4 cups a day does not have any adverse effects on body. In fact drinking moderate amount of tea at right intervals helps to maintain a healthy heart, increase bone health, strengthen teeth and prevent many disease. Excessive consumption of tea may lead to severe gastrointestinal problem. The chemicals present in tea may interfere with the gut pH thus causing problems. If left untreated it may even lead to ulcers. Consuming excess of tea causes irregular heartbeat, restlessness and irritation leading to lack of concentration. It is advisable that if a person is trying to lose weight and check the calorie intake they should avoid drinking much tea. Even one should avoid adding sugar to tea to get the maximum benefits.