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  • Tips to get rid of frizzy hair

    The hair shaft containing cuticle layers tends to stand up in case of extreme weather conditions, thereby, stripping off natural oils from hair.

  • How to prevent itchy scalp

    Would it be cool if someone scratches their heads repeatedly in front of you? Obviously, it wouldn’t be! Nobody looks good pulling off that odd act.

  • How to curl your hair using a straightener

    If you are bored of your straight hair and want to don a new hair style, how about curling them with a hair straightener? Yes, all you have to do is pull out your hair straightener and create some nice and bouncy curls that won't take much of your time.

  • How to make a side French braid hairstyle

    Life gets boring over a period of time and so does everything else. You get over the shoes that you bought last summer; you get over the color of your nail paint and you even get bored of your hairstyle.

  • Easy summer hairstyle top knot

    Well, it is indeed true that your hairstyle defines you. A change in hairstyle can transform you entirely. There are times when you do not wish to do much with your hair and you end up getting your hair tied up in a messy bun.

  • How to make a fishtail braid hairstyle on your own

    When it comes to playing around with hair, women have the ball in their court. With enough tresses to play around, women can never run out of options. Now, the latest one is the chic yet elegant fishtail braid hairstyle.

  • How to make a messy side bun hairstyle

    Who likes a bad hair day? Well, no one. There are days when no matter how much you try, you just cannot have a presentable hairstyle. Your hair sticks out in all the directions, or they just look freshly oiled, even if they are not.

  • Stylish hairstyle for dirty hair– Up twist

    That time of the year is here, the times to go all hip with your hair. It’s a no brainer that the hairdos that you don in winters will not work for summers. Certainly it’s time for a change, and what could be more interesting and chic than an Up twist.

  • How to Curl your hair

    After the raving trend of having sleek hair, comes the hot rage of beautiful curls. Most women have now come to envy those women who have naturally curly hair. And why wouldn’t they be jealous. Wavy, curly hair gives a woman’s personality a dramatic look and feel.

  • Office hair style

    When it comes to hairstyles, there is no limit but for office you need something clean and sophisticated with a little extra "oomph". Watch this video to get that look.

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