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  • Ways to keep your food more fresh for longer duration

    1.3 billion tons of food gets lost or wasted every year and one of the many reasons why this wastage occurs is rotting of food. Yes, if you observe, on regular basis you throw at least some amount of food that gets stale.

  • Top vitamin C rich foods

    When aiming for a healthy life, you cannot neglect the value of a healthy diet. People with a busy schedule often spend their day with an unhealthy diet.

  • Foods that kill bad breath

    Foods that kill bad breath

  • Green fenugreek is beneficial for health

    Fenugreek leaves are beneficial for health in more ways than you can think of. Although, Indian kitchens make use of fenugreek on a regular basis as a very common spice but still not people are aware of the health benefits associated with fenugreek.

  • Foods to beat the summer heat

    Summer heat sometimes becomes so unbearable that walking out of your home in summer heat is next to impossible. It’s always scorching hot outside, the harsh summer breeze makes it even worst. People tend to spend majority of their day indoors in air-conditioned rooms.

  • Atlas Cocktail

    Watch this video to know how to prepare Atlas Cocktail. To prepare it, take ice cubes in class and add 60ml of Ozzo. Now just add 30 ml of Kalwa and your atlas cocktail is ready to drink. Learn and make it by yourself and enjoy it with your friends.

  • Dionysus Cocktail

    Watch this video to know how to prepare "Dionysus" a Greek Cocktail. Firstly take a Glass of ice and add 60 ml of Ozzo and 15 ml of Gin into it. You can top up it with red bull energy drink and your Dionysus Cocktail is ready. You can now make delicious cocktails on your own.

  • Electric Shock Mocktail

    Electric Shock Mocktail -- Ingredients required Pineapple Juice, Lemon Juice, Limca and Blue Curacao. Preparation -- take a Glass of ice and add Pineapple Juice, Limca and Lemon Juice to it. Top up it with Blue Curacao and Garnish it with lime wheel.

  • Natural Fruit Punch

    Ingredients required for Natural Fruit Punch are Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice and Vanilla Ice cream. Take a glass filled with ice cubes. Add Orange and Pineapple Juice to it. Now add Vanilla Ice cream and shake it well. Garnish it with sweet lime wheel and serve it.

  • How to make Virgin Mojito

    Take an empty glass add some chunk of lemon, seven to eight mint leaves, one tea spoon brown sugar and some lime Juice in it and mesh it well. Then add a pinch of crushed ice, topped it with sprite and little bit of coke. Watch the full video.

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