Health Benefits Of Drinking Tea

Date: 2016-03-10
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There are many benefits of drinking tea in right way. Drinking tea 2-3 cups a day helps to maintain a healthy body and boost immune system. The first and most important benefit is weight loss. Drinking tea at right time and way boost the metabolism and aids to weight loss. It also prevents certain ailments like cancer especially of breast and ovaries. Tea contains chemicals which enhances the proper functioning of body cells and ensure no oxidative stress. Studies reveal that drinking tea gives a favorable condition for gut bacteria and prevents lot of gastrointestinal diseases. The truth relies in the fact that tea maintains a suitable pH for enzymes in alimentary canal reducing the risks of diseases. If a person is having tea in adequate amount the protein regularization is stimulated which enhances bone mass. The habit of drinking tea in right way is known to boost collagen synthesis and thus maintaining a firm skin.It also regulates the blood pressure instantly. The components of tea trigger the cell to metabolize sugar to give energy. This in turn increases the blood pressure. So drink tea regularly for a healthy body.