Health benefits of beer

Date: 2016-07-20
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What are your usual weekend plans? Grabbing chilled beer with friends may be? Well, what else are weekends for? The answer is pretty simple. Weekends are for having fun with friends and alcohol all you wish. There are some myths associated with beer. Beer is basically alcohol and since there are many disadvantages of drinking alcohol, beer too is contemplated to be bad for health. Yes, people do think that beer isn’t good for health but it will be a surprising fact that beer too has some health benefits that you were not aware of. Researchers have suggested that beer can keep your heart healthy as it decreases cardiovascular disease risk, it can protect you against Alzheimer’s as a component named Xanthohumol that is used to flavor beer can prevent degenerative brain disorders, drinking moderate amount of beer can make you live longer. Further researches have been found that suggest that the high silicon levels in beer can improve bone density. Researches also suggest that you can have a pint of beer in breakfast as it has lesser calories. Beer helps you prevent type-2 diabetes. The most common and preferred health benefit of drinking beer is that it helps you minimize anxiety and stress, which in turn help prevent heart diseases that are caused by stress and anxiety. Yes, drinking beer reduce the risk of dying with heart strokes. Study was conducted where they made volunteers drink beer and water after workout and volunteers drinking a pint of beer were found to be more hydrated than those who had water.
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