Foods to beat the summer heat

Tips for ParentBy Onlymyhealth Editorial Team / Jul 05, 2016
Summer heat sometimes becomes so unbearable that walking out of your home in summer heat is next to impossible. It’s always scorching hot outside, the harsh summer breeze makes it even worst. People tend to spend majority of their day indoors in air-conditioned rooms. No matter how hard people try, getting riddance of the summer heat is a tough job. People wear light clothes, choose colors that are light and last but not the least, people try to consume that will keep their body cool from within. Yes, indeed there are foods that can cool your body from inside. With fan and air-condition, and light colored clothes, you can cool yourself from outside but the real struggle is to keep your inner body cool. If you are not able to beat the summer heat, the impact can be dangerous. Yes, there are many illnesses that are caused because of summer heat, such as prickly heat, heat cramps, heat edema (The swelling in legs and hands because of sitting in hot environment for longer periods) heat stress and hyperventilation, fainting (occurs mostly in low blood pressured patients), excessive exhaustion and sunstrokes. Apart from these minor illnesses, summer heat can cause much severe health issues as well. Thus, before any summer heat illness aggravates, there are few measures that should be taken in order to stay cool in summers and one of the best measures is having foods that will cool you from inside, such as tender coconut (it is a coolant), raw mangoes (make aam panna out of raw mangoes), curd (have curd with everyday meal), eat watermelons (the water content of watermelons act as coolants), have fresh lemon water with some mint in it (it will as a detoxifying agent and will be refreshing), have onions (it will save you from sun strokes) and mint. Now, you know how to stay cool in summers.

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