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Foods that do not satisfy your hunger

Tips for ParentBy Onlymyhealth Editorial Team / 2016-07-06T00:00:00+5:30
Times are advancing and so is the food culture. Why health issues like obesity, blood pressure, skin issues and other health problems occur? This fast food culture and an unhealthy diet is the prime factor behind many health issues that today people suffer from. There was a time when to satiate our hunger, we used to turn towards our kitchens, to home cooked food. Yes, home cooked food was definitely a thing long time back but today, when we feel hungry, all we think about is fast food and foods that for some time make us feel full but the fact is that they do not fill us up but only makes us feel full. When you think you are starving and decide to go out and have some junk, by junk we mean the fast food that usually you go for or other things that for meantime make you feel full but they do not actually fill you. Usually the food made of refined floor, oils and preservatives increases your hunger and in turn when you try to eat more, it causes obesity and then comes fast food like pizza, burgers, fries and all other stuff that is available fast but is not healthy at all with all the refined flour and refined oil that is used in it. People have a much clustered schedule and fast food seems like an easy option when hunger strikes. Yes, indeed there will be times when people would prefer a burger on their workstations while they do not understand that trans fat present in a burger increases hunger and doesn’t satiate it. Sometimes people turn towards juice, thinking of it as an easy option to satisfy their hunger without realizing that the pulp and fiber present in juices boost your appetite. Some people consume alcohol and alcohol kills appetite.

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