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  • This Diwali make these healthy sweets easily at home

    Instead of buying sweets from shops, you can make sweets easily at home. Watch the video and know how you can make these healthy sweets easily at home this Diwali.

  • How to make Diwali healthy for family

    Still, if you wish to maintain a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle even during Diwali, you can definitely watch this video and learn the ways to make your Diwali healthy for your family.

  • What to do if burns injuries happen

    Even after taking all the safety measures, you accidentally burn yourself or you see someone with accidental burns, you can try all the tips shown in this video.

  • Safety measures to follow during Diwali

    Since Diwali calls for a grand celebration with firecrackers, pollution, noise and risk of injuries make it important to observe certain safety measures to follow during Diwali.

  • Detox your skin post diwali

    Diwali is a time when you can eat all the sweets you want, all the junk you wish to eat but post Diwali, you will have to detox your skin and this is how you do it.

  • What to do before diwali to make your skin glow

    You should always take care of your skin and especially during the festive season, when you are supposed to look your best.

  • How to Remove Holi Colours from Body

    Removing Holi colours from one's body is always a tall task. We play Holi with a lot of excitement but once we are done with the festivities, it's time to remove the colours. And removing them is not easy as most of depend on harsh soaps that can ruin the texture of our skin.

  • Post Holi Hair Care

    Post holi our hair tends to get very dry and brittle. This happens due to the toxic elements present in artificial colours which react with the hair. The texture of our hair is adversely affected due to this.

  • Advantages of Herbal Colours over Artificial Colours

    The advantages of herbal colours over artificial colours are many. First of all, Herbal colours are skin-friendly because they are made with ingredients thata re found naturally such as the flower extracts.

  • Skin and Hair Safety during Holi

    Skin and Hair safety during Holi is extremely important as the colours used during Holi can adversely affect them. Make sure that the exposed areas of your body are well oiled so that the colours do not stick to them.

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