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  • Conjunctivitis Treatment and Prevention

    Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, membrane that lines the eye lids, can occur due to allergies, bacteria, viruses, chemicals or any underlying health conditions. The treatment for conjunctivitis depends upon the type of conjunctivitis.

  • Common Age Related Eye Problems

    As people age there are number of problems they face, however these problems can affect any one. Dr. Prashant Yadav, specialist, I CARE Eye Hospital explains various age related problems.

  • Disadvantages of Regularly Using Contact Lenses

    Did you know contact lenses have disadvantages as well? People are not aware of the fact that wearing contact lenses for long hours may result in eye problems. Dr. Prashant Yadav, Specialist from ICARE Eye Hospital, explains the disadvantages of wearing contact lens.

  • Complications for Child Developing a Lazy Eye

    Lazy eye is a condition that generally occurs in children due to some underlying reasons. It prevents the vision in one of the eyes from developing. A child with lazy eye tends to have different vision in both the eyes.

  • Connection Between Diabetes and Blindness

    In Southeast Asia, the number of diabetics is increasing frequently amongst all age groups (young to old). A person diagnosed for diabetes has greater possibility of developing eye problems in future.

  • Methods for Treating Cataract

    How different kinds of eye defects can be treated? A person is advised to consult a doctor if either or both of the long or short distance vision get weaker or start to diminish.

  • Treatment of Lazy Eye

    Lazy eye (a condition where a child has different vision in both eyes) can be treated by making the child use his worse eye while patching the better eye, in order to stimulate its vision.

  • Common Eye Problems During Monsoon

    When monsoon knocks at the door it brings relief however, it also welcomes multitude of problems with it. Eye problem is one of them. Let's see the common eye problems with Dr, Jyoti Batra, M.S D.N.B, I Care Eye Hospital, that one can suffer from during monsoon.

  • Conjunctivitis and Its Symptom

    Conjunctivitis is a form of infection of a layer (conjunctiva) of the eye, which spreads with touch of finger carrying dirt etc. The easiest way to control or avoid conjunctivitis is to wash properly hands after touching something unclean.

  • What is Lazy Eye or Amblyopia

    Lazy eye or Amblyopia is a condition where a child has different vision in both the eyes i.e. the vision of one eye is not as good as that of the other.

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