Extended Triangle Pose or Trikonasana Yoga

Tips for ParentBy Onlymyhealth Editorial Team / Jul 17, 2012

Extended triangle pose or Trikonasana. To begin stand in Tadasana with your feet at shoulder distance apart. Slowly raise your arms up. Turn the left foot to the right slightly and right foot at 90 degree. Firm your thighs and turn the right leg outwards so that the right knee cap aligns with center of the right ankle. Now bend from the hip joint and extend your torso over the right leg while you exhale. Rotate the torso to the left and put your hand on the outside ankle of right leg. Now stretch your left arm towards upside making a line with the shoulders. Remain in this position for 30 seconds and return to the initial position as you inhale. Then repeat the same steps with the right leg. This simple yoga helps in digestion and stretches the thighs, ankle and knees.


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