Exercises people having back pain should avoid

Date: 2016-06-20
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Back pain is a very common complaint. Approximately 98 percent of back pain patients are diagnosed with nonspecific acute back pain in which no serious underlying pathology is identified. Most of the back pain is induced by lifestyle related disorders like overloaded stress or bad posture. Lack of nutrition is known to be the most common reason for lower back pain among females. Back pain is characterized by a dull ache, a piercing pain or a burning sensation. The main cause for back pain is either a muscle injury (strain) or an injury in a ligament (sprain). Sitting at your desk for hours, hunched over your computer without ever leaning back against your chair's backrest is just one of the causes of this. Typically, you feel an acute pain when you stand up. Experts suggest that the combination of moderate exercise and proper nutrition is the best way to get rid of the persistent lower back pain. It is suggested that you avoid exercises where you have to lie on your back with your legs extended straight out. Exercise can both prevent and alleviate lower-back problems. In this video we show you exercises that should be avoided by lower back pain sufferers. It is recommended to avoid side bends if you are having back pain as they may hurt the lumbar region of spine resulting in pain alleviation. Hyperextension and squats may also aggravate the pain of lower back so one should avoid doing these. Twisting exercise should be avoided if you are suffering from back pain problem. Watch this video to know about the exercises you should avoid if you are having lower back pain problem.
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