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  • Exercises that you can suggest to eradicate stress

    Stress has become a part of our lives. There are exercises you should try that can help you better with stress relief.

  • Sumo kicks

    Sumo kicks is the latest addition in kicking workout. Sumo kick is not a very complex exercise and plus it is a full-body workout.

  • Push up variations never heard of single leg

    One push up variation is single leg, where you practice push-ups with only one leg on the ground while you keep the other one in air.

  • Lunge Kicks

    Lunge kick is a complete exercise for your leg day and you won’t need any exercising equipments. This video here shows you the right way of practicing lunge kicks.

  • Animal movements fitness gorilla walk

    The animal movements exercise has one gorilla walk exercise, this gorilla walk can help you gain strength in your forelimbs and overall body.

  • Mountain climbing

    Mountain climbing is a body weight exercise that helps burn calories, build stamina and strength the core.

  • Continuous low lunges

    One of the most effective and easy exercises that can help you build your strength in quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves and core, is lunges.

  • Animal movements fitness 3 legged dog

    ‘Animal movements’ has a diverse range of exercises that specifically on different parts of body. This video here shows you another amazing animal movement exercise, named 3 legged dog.

  • Push up variations never heard of single side elevated pushups

    This video here shows you a variation in pushups, single side elevated pushups. This pushup will help you work on your triceps and wings together.

  • Animal movements fitness side travelling primate

    There are different forms of exercises in animal movements and all of them work on different parts of the body while some of the exercises work on entire body.

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