Enjoy this rainy season without falling sick

Date: 2016-07-14
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Monsoon has arrived and your heart is already singing. Isn’t it? When it starts to pour, you get tempted to run outside and enjoy the rain, but getting drenched is fun but it also increases your risk of falling sick, especially if your immune system is not that strong. When you get exposed to cold breeze you are likely to catch cold and fall sick. However, by following certain measures you can enjoy rains without falling sick. Everyone loves enjoying standing under the first rain of every monsoon but experts believe getting drenched in the first rain might not be a healthy choice. It not only impacts your health but also increases your risk of getting skin conditions such rashes and pimple. That’s because it is believed that first rain can be full of pollutants and getting drenched in it may affect your health. Another important thing that you must avoid after getting wet in the rain is to keeping the wet clothes on. Staying for long in wet clothes can make you sick, so it's best to change to dry clothes as soon as possible. Do you know rains majorly affect your feet? Sounded strange? Well, when we take shower after enjoying the rain, we often tend to overlook the feet. You must thoroughly clean your feet as well in order to prevent them from fungus. Watch this video to know more tips and enjoy the rains without fear of falling sick.
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