Cool buzz - refreshing summer drink

Date: 2016-03-28
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As the summer is hitting people want to refresh them with some cool tasty drink. We present you the refreshing drinks with splash of freshness. The cool buzz is a must try summer drink. It is only tasty but is also packed with health benefits of cloves, lemon and cucumber. Cucumber and lemon are known for their rehydrating properties. Cucumber fights the body heat and maintains homeostasis even after excessive sweat. Let’s know how to prepare cool buzz. In a glass take some cucumber chunks and 2 cloves. Mix them properly to extract the flavor. Now squeeze one lemon to it. Add the pre mix sugar syrup or normal syrup. Take 5-6 basil leaves to the stock. Before adding the basils mash it a bit to extract its goodness. Now add ice cubes and mix it properly by shaking. Add tonic water to drink to get best taste. Garnish your cocktail with basil leaves and lemon slice.
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