Causes of pigmentation

Tips for ParentBy Onlymyhealth Editorial Team / Oct 14, 2016

You may have heard celebrities advocating how important it is to be comfortable in one’s own skin. And that’s every cent true. But people find it difficult to do so because of several skin problems and weight issues. One such skin problem is pigmentation which is not only common in women but also in men. Do you too freak over your pigmentation every time you see your face in a mirror? Have you ever given a thought or tried to find out what is really causing skin pigmentation? Increased levels of melanin could be responsible for pigmentation. Now you may be wondering what causes your melanin levels to rise. It could be due to injury, inflammation, sun damage or hormonal changes. Birthmarks and freckles are a different type of pigmentation, which is genetically determined. Would you be surprised if you we tell you that just like bleaching, colouring your hair can lead to skin pigmentation. The chemicals from the colour pass through your skin causing pigmentation. Another factor that may cause pigmentation is the use of bad skin products. Do you follow a beauty regimen which involves cleansing and toning everyday and think you are taking good care of your skin? Well, hold on, beauty regimen is not just pouring toners or cleansing products over your skin, the quality of products that you use matters a lot. Yes, if you don’t use good quality products you may end up having pigmentation on your skin. Therefore, it is important that you should avoid using poor quality products on any part of your body let alone your face. Watch this video to know more causes that may be lead to pigmentation.


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