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  • What is Face Sculpting?

    Feel like changing something or other about your features whenever you look into the mirror? Dr, Nikita Sonavane, dermatologist, tells how face sculpting could help you.

  • Duration of Chemical Peel Treatment

    Peel treatments are generally done once in two weeks. In a normal peel treatment session, firstly, the skin is cleansed, and the extract is applied.

  • What are Facial Fillers?

    Filler, a hyneuronic gel, is a component of skin that keeps it tight and plump. The degradation of collagen with growing age weakens the support to skin and starts to fold on skin resulting in ageing. Fillers are quite effective for areas where Botox fails to treat the lines.

  • Chemical Peels Advise

    Can teenagers be treated with chemical peels to get rid of acne problems? Yes, Chemical peels or plastic surgery can also be done at an early age by experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon to prevent it getting worse in future.

  • Procedure of Face Sculpting

    A simple process of face sculpting takes around 10 -- 15 minutes. New filler is infused with the ingredients. A topical numbing ingredient is applied when it's not present in the filler applied.

  • Cost for lunch time face lifting

    Cost of Botox treatmment varies with the amount of dose requried, number of syringes used and type of fillers required.

  • Advantages of Cosmetic Dermatology over Cosmetic Surgery

    Cosmetic dermatology works as a preventive science for beginners as it is very effective in cases like treating acne and pigmentation while cosmetic surgery is a better choice in more advanced treatments where cosmetic dermatological options like Botox might not work.

  • Prospects for a Cosmetic Dermatologist in India

    People are becoming more concerned of their skin. More and more people, especially professionals want to have healthy skin and those who have healthy skin desire to keep it healthy forever. Such people are good prospects for Cosmetic dermatology.

  • What is Mesotherapy?

    Mesotharphy is a useful delivery technique that is performed to assure the absorption of any applied product or cosmetics, on the targeted area to get desired results. It can be done either manually or by using various instruments like meso roller or meso pen or gun.

  • What are Chemical Peels?

    Each session of a chemical peel takes around 15-20 minutes, which involves the application of active ingredients (fruit extracts, minerals) on the skin. The active ingredients help the skin to renew faster and it also removes the dead skin, and treats acne and pigmentation.

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