Health Tip: Walking Barefoot Is Extremely Therapeutic

Updated at: Dec 01, 2019
Health Tip: Walking Barefoot Is Extremely Therapeutic

Walking barefoot is a great exercise that you can do to secure holistic health. It not only improves your foot health but also relieves stress and anxiety. Read more here.

Chanchal Sengar
Mind BodyWritten by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jul 30, 2019

Have you ever tried walking barefoot in the lush green grass or warm sand on a beach? Doesn’t that feel supremely amazing and soothing! Now we prefer walking in footwear but our ancestors used to walk barefoot in every climate under every circumstance. Not because they didn’t have resources but because it made them stay close to nature. The practice of walking barefoot is highly therapeutic where it offers a wide range of health benefits. Open your shoes and walk on soft grass to feel what we are saying.

Barefoot Walking: One Walk, Many Benefits

Barefoot walking on soft surfaces like grass, sand and soil is also called Earthing. This is a spiritual term that means connecting your self with nature. On the internet, you would find endless research conducted on the fruitfulness of barefoot walking where all of them concluded that this practice is really helpful. Barefoot walking is associated with numerous health benefits where it increases cognitive activities, boosts blood circulation in the entire body, alleviates stress, and reduces inflammation. You would want to go for a barefoot walk immediately after reading these seven potential benefits.

1. It is a form of Foot Yoga

Just like other body parts, your feet also need to be exercised in order to secure their fitness. Walking barefoot stretches the foot muscles, ligaments and tendons and strengthens them. This helps to prevent knee strain, back pain and other injuries. It helps to improve body posture and body balance.

2.Mental Peace & Clarity

With every step you take, your mind becomes more attentive. However, always walk on soft natural surfaces where there is no pebble or thorns or any such element. Talk to your inner self all this while and you will feel much better.

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3.Alleviates Anxiety & Depression

If you are feeling anxious or stressed or depressed, go for a barefoot walk. This is known to reduce your stress and anxiety levels by as much as 60%! It so happens that this exercise stimulated the release of endorphins, happy hormones in the body.

4. Helps to get a sound sleep

Ask your grandparents, they will tell you how they used to roam around barefoot the entire day and get a peaceful sleep at night. This practice can effectively treat insomnia problem.

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5.Makes your body grounded

A human body consists of 60% water which is a great conductor of electricity. Earth has an ionic charge. When you walk barefoot, it transfers negative ions to the body which synchronizes physiological rhythm, hormonal cycles and internal clock. Now you know why it feels highly relaxing walking barefoot on the sand.

6. Great reflexology session

There are reflex points all around your body. When you walk, these reflex points are stimulated which then improves blood circulation. It reduces the sensitivity of the body to reduce the risk of injuries.

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