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Your Sexual Dreams could Mean a Lot

Every dream has an interpretation, even the sexual ones. Your sexual dreams could be telling you about your current relationship or overall state of mind. Find out what your dream is telling you.

Snr By Ariba Khaliq / Aug 12, 2014

The Dream of Unfaithfulness

Dreams can be good or bad; and sometimes racy. A sexual dream doesn’t mean you want to jump in bed with that person in real life. A dream which shows you or your partner having sex with someone else may indicate a feeling of neglect, abandonment, or anger in your relationship. All dreams have an interpretation and so do sexual dreams. Find out your associations with your intimate dream and get to know what part of your life needs more excitement. Image Courtesy: Getty


Sex with Your Boss

A dream where you are bedding your boss shows your need to be more assertive and authoritative in your life. It is common to dream about having sex with your co-worker and it’s probably because of something you might admire or envy in them. It could also be something in them that you want for yourself. Image Courtesy: Getty


Sex with the Ex

You said “never again” but maybe you are wrong. If you weren’t the one to initiate the break-up, dreaming about jumping the hay stack with them could be your brain’s way of resolving the emotions. But these dreams will occur more because of your monotonous current relationship. That’s when your ex shows up in your dreams to sweep you off your feet. Image Courtesy: Getty


Sex with a Stranger

You never knew you could be kinky enough to have sex with a total stranger but who knows, you might be. No, it’s not a reason to visit a therapist. Let us tell you that the stranger in your dream is no one else but you. A racy dream could be an attempt to be proud of your recently acquired accomplishments, strength, courage, or shamelessness. Image Courtesy: Getty


Sex with a Celebrity

Okay, nobody would blame you for dreaming about shagging George Clooney or Gerard Butler, or Megan Fox (depending on your gender and inclination). The celebrity reflects a unique talent that you have and are beginning to recognize in your own waking life. A racy dream with a celebrity could also indicate you’re longing for your own talents to be recognised publicly. Image Courtesy: Getty


Sex with Your Best-friend’s Spouse

It’s not necessary that just because you would never go there, you can’t dream about it. May be the person in your dream has some quality you wish your partner had. You could use this dream to start a conversation about ways your spouse can better pick up on your cues about what you need. Image Courtesy: Getty


Same-gender Sex

It means you are taking pride in your equipments and attributes. Girl-on-girl sex dreams are quite common with pregnant women when their body is in uber-feminine mode. You could trace back these dreams to some recent female-centric accomplishments. Image Courtesy: Getty


Cheating Partner

When you dream about your partner rocking another person’s bed, it is a sign that you are losing faith in your own attractiveness. It could be “that time of the month” or a stressful week when you don’t feel your sexiest self and dreams about your partner’s infidelity don’t tell you to watch out for your partner but for yourself. Image Courtesy: Getty


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