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Your Date Expectations Too High or Too Low

Going for a date or hoping for one? You must already have some expectations however it is very important to understand what is good for you and your partner. Read more to know what to expect from your partner to build a strong relationship.

Dating By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Apr 29, 2014

The Perfect Partner

Dating can mean stepping into a world of delusions for many. People often tend to have outsized expectations from their soul mate. Are you amongst those who dream big when it comes to finding a potential relationship partner? Or do you find yourself at the other end of the spectrum and likes to keep the sights too low? Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Expecting Is Necessary

It’s not bad to maintain high standards after all when it comes to a relationship you would like to be with someone who is the best possible match for you. In fact no relationship can exist without expectations. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Expecting Too Much Is Not

While it is okay to have expectations from your partner, expecting way too much can be harmful for your relationship. The problem begins when you set the expectations so high that your partner can not meet them. Your partner may start feeling this relationship as a burden where he/she always fail to fulfill your expectations. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Be Generous While Expecting

Always expect what your date or partner can fulfill. If you expect something that is out of the line for your partner, be generous and support your partner to make them feel happy. Otherwise the disappointment of a failed expectation can make both of you unhappy. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Want Your Partner to Be You

It's okay if your expect your partner to be quite similar to you but never expect someone to like the same food, music, movies, books as you do. People often expect their partner to have the same opinions, habits and thoughts which in return ruins the relationship. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Expect Rejection

It natural to want your partner to like you all the time however as both of you are two different human beings it's inevitable to avoid rejection at some point. Expect rejection even from your partner and be ready to work on the reasons behind the rejections. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Keep the List Small

People often prepare a list full of criteria like height, job, looks etc that someone needs to fulfill to be their ideal partner however at the end it all proves superficial. You never know what you may like most in your actual partner. So keep the predetermined list simple and short. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Reality Check

One of the best ways to have a reality check of your expectations is to analyze your past relationships. If none of your past relationships lasted for more than a year or two than your expectations are always on the higher side and your partner finds it difficult to be with you for long. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Want Dream to Come True

You may already have had a dream relationship in your mind that you may want to have in reality. However your partner can never read your mind and act exactly according to what you have hoped for. Don't stick to the dream for too long and appreciate what you have in real. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Don't Compare

A person can never be the perfect for you as long as you keep comparing them to others or the ideal partner you had in your mind. Nothing can make you happy unless you are seeking happiness out of it. Getty Images


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