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Your contact lenses can make you blind! Know how.

Did you know your contact lenses can make you go blind? Read this to know how and how you can avoid it.

Mind Body By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer / Jan 23, 2017

The right ways to use a contact lens

Eyes are the most sensitive part of human of body. Contact lens is something that comes in direct contact with your eye, and your little negligence can impair your vision for rest of your life. Yes, many a time we make minor mistakes while using contact lenses and those mistakes can cost us our eyesight. Take a look to know what mistakes you are making and how you can avoid making them.


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Should not sleep in lenses

You must remove your contact lenses every night before you go to sleep. Why? Because contact lenses can cause blockage of oxygen, in turn causing the cells on the surface of your corneas to break down. As some researches explain, when you close your eyes, there is very little oxygen but enough moisture and warmth for fungus and bacteria to breed. To avoid infections, you must remove your contact lenses every time you go for a nap or sleep.


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Not changing the solution

Many of us don’t change the solution. We keep on topping solution without disposing the previous solution. The prime job of contact lens solution is to disinfect the lenses but when you do not change the solution; your lenses don’t get cleaned as required. Moreover, wearing the contact lenses after letting them sit in old solution overnight, you promote the risk of infections. Also, you must rinse your contact lens case every once in a while to keep the bacteria and fungus at bay.


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Never rinse your lenses with tap water

People often wash their contact lenses with tap water when they fail to find a contact lens solution handy. Tap water contains amoeba that can cause an acute eye infection, Acanthamoeba keratitis. This infection can cause inflammation in cornea and it can lead to vision impairment. Even filtered water isn’t a safe choice because, the bacteria me linger in the tap and might get on your lenses. You must always wash your lenses with just disinfecting solution.


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Should not wear same lenses for too long

There will be times when out of lethargy you won’t replace our contact lenses for more than its expiration period. Not changing contact lenses might cause inflammation, corneal ulcers and infections. At times, infections may aggravate and cause vision impairment.


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