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10 Reasons Why You Have a Chance to Date Bollywood Actresses

Know how you stand a chance to date our Bollywood actresses.

Fashion & Beauty By Ariba KhaliqFeb 13, 2014

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Bollywood Actresses

Don’t have a date for Valentine’s? How about taking out our hot leading ladies of Bollywood? It just sounds impossible while it is not. Here are some reasons that you have a fair chance at dating our top-notch actresses like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, or Aishwarya Rai. And, hold your breath; there is a fair chance they will say yes! After all they said yes to other people (losers). Know how you stand a chance to date our actresses. Image courtesy-

Deepika Padukone- Your Initials are R.K.

Well, everyone knows that she got “RK” tattooed behind her neck while she was dating Ranbir Kapoor. She is apparently trying to fit in Ranveer Singh to at least justify half of the permanent blunder. But, if your initials are RK, you stand a better chance of being in Dippy’s life than anyone else. And you can tell the world that she loves you so much that she got your name inked. By the way, you have a chance with Dippy for some more reasons, read on. Image courtesy-

Your Dad Owns an Airline Company

And you have a British accent! Whoa, we are sure with those traits, you will prove to be a better catch than her ex beau Sidharth Mallya. However, the guy’s dad is a liquor baron too. We wonder if Sidharth kept her drunk all the while she was dating him. Well, you never know. Image courtesy:

You were Just Sold Off for 14 Crores

We have high respect for the outstanding cricketer.  And if you too have a life value and talent like that, you can confidently ask the long-legged lady out. But, don’t be happy already, even with all the talent and money, Yuvraj Singh couldn’t help getting dumped by the beauty. Image courtesy-

You are Just Any body

Well, if Deepika can date the likes of Ranveer Singh, Nihar Pandya and Upen Patel, she can just date anybody. So, run to the flower shop, get some chocolates, dress up- and hello, you are on a date with Deepika Padukone. Image courtesy-

Priyanka Chopra- If You Look Like Hrithik Roshan

You can also manage with being a look alike of Harman Baweja. One and the same thing! But, you must learn to dance too. You never know what caught her eyes then- the looks or the moves. Image courtesy-

Anushka Sharma- You Love Bread Pakoda

Honestly, this can be the only reason why Anushka Sharma would want to date Ranveer Singh. Again for this, you will have to be just anybody who loves bread pakodas. If Ranveer Singh can be dated by these actresses, any guy has a strong chance to woo these ladies. Image courtesy-

Aishwarya Rai- Because She Dated Vivek Oberoi

How could she right? Then, hell she can date you too! And, a big and, she married Abhiskek Bachchan. Are you thinking to ditch the date idea and pop the question instead? Well, no harm in trying your luck. Image courtesy-

Nargis Fakhri- If you have no work and no looks

Does everyone all the time tell you that “You are a loser”? Then, Nargis Fakhri is the girl to go for. Sure, you can’t be a bigger loser than Uday Chopra and so will be a better option for the pouty lady. Image courtesy-

Tanisha Mukherjee- Because you Want to Date a Loser

If you liked her in the recent reality show and she is your type, well, my friend, get a life. Or better, get her to date you. It’s a win-win for both the sides. She will at least make it to news gossip. Image courtesy-

Sneha Ullal- You Can’t Get Aishwarya to Date You

The look alike can suffice we guess. Everyone needs to compromise in relationships. It’s a wise choice anyhow. You didn’t have a girl in the first place and now you are getting someone who looks like the former Miss World. Disclaimer: This article does not intend to defame or hurt anybody. It is all in good humour. Image courtesy-

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