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Yogasanas you Must Try for Smooth and Silky Hair

Hair problems such as hair fall and brittle hair have become very common beauty problems but still women all around the world are trying to find a cure for them. Yes, although we know that hair-fall or breaking hair is pretty normal in climate change

Yoga By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer / Apr 02, 2018


<p>Take a yoga mat and kneel with your both knees on the floor. Now, slowly sit on your legs with your legs bent inwards. Place your hips on your feet. Sit straight, with your chest lifted up and opened. Close your eyes, and take deep breaths while you engage your core muscles. This yogasana strengthens the core and help you improve overall health.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>


<p>&lt;p&gt;Pawanmuktasana helps you release all the digestive gases from your stomach along with easing digestion and excretion system. A healthy digestive system directly affects your hair and scalp health. Take a yoga mat and lie down on your back with your back straight. Keep your feet together. Now, inhale deeply and exhale as you bring your knees closer to your chest and your thighs close to your abdomen. Hold your arms around your legs. Inhale and exhale deeply while you are still in the pose. Relax after 1 to 2 minutes.&lt;/p&gt; Image source : Shutterstock</p>


Utrasana improves blood flow to the scalp, improving hair growth in-turn. Take a mat and kneel on it. Now, tilt back side and try holding your heels with your hands, forming an arch. Hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds while breathing normally</p> <p>Image: Shutterstock</p>


Matsyasana helps you reduce anxiety, stress that causes hair loss. Take a mat and sit with your legs crossed. Now, lie down with your back straight and hold your toes with your hands. Try and lift your chest up while breathing normally. Try and holding the pose for some time and then release.

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