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These Yoga Poses are Solutions to all your Hearing Problems

In India, every one out of 20 people suffer from a hearing disorder. Besides taking treatment, doing a few yoga poses can help you fix your hearing troubles.

Home Remedies By Vasudha Bhat / Jun 12, 2014

Hearing Disabilities and Yoga

Our hearing ability gives us the opportunity to connect with the entire human kind. We can hear and this is why we can understand a situation and express our emotions. When the hearing abilities of a person are lost, he/she is said to be suffering from hearing loss. Besides loss of hearing, many people also suffer from other ear-related diseases. In India, 1 out of every 20 people is struggling from some or the other type of hearing disorder. To fight any of such problems, one can seek solace in yoga as an alternative form of treatment. Let’s take a look at how yoga can come to our rescue in the face of a hearing disorder.

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What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a hearing disorder in which the patient hears a ringing sound, which actually does not exist. It can be caused by continual exposure to loud noises such as when listening to songs at a higher-than-average volume. It may also be experienced as a consequence of ageing. Tinnitus is the most commonly experienced hearing problem that affects people of any age.Surprisingly, it can be treated with yoga.

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Upside-down Seal Pose

The upside-down seal pose helps to regulate blood flow in the body and helps one to get rid of many hearing problems. Spread a mat 3 feet away from the wall and lie down, placing your feet towards the wall. Now, push both your legs in the air, parallel to the wall and support your lower torso with both your hands. Ensure that you form a 90 degrees angle. Stay in this position for 5-15 minutes and then fold your knees. Slowly come back to the normal position.

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Camel Pose

Lie on your stomach and try to rise up with your head leading the rest of the body. Slowly try to reach the ankles. Once you touch your ankles, push your upper torso downwards and stay in this position for 3-8 minutes. Make sure that your mouth is closed all this time. Hernia patients should not try this pose.

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Fish Pose

Cross your legs and sit up straight. Now lean back and lift the middle portion of your body upwards i.e. as far as you can go. Make sure that your head remains grounded to the floor. Now, hold your left toe with your right hand and the right toe with the left hand. Stay in this position for some time and then relax.

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Gas Release Pose

Lie on the floor straight and start exhaling and inhaling. Now, raise your legs to form a 90 degree angle. Bend your knees and rest your thighs on the abdomen. While doing this, keep your knees and ankles together. With your arms, encircle the knees and bend your chin in such fashion that it is closer to the knees. Keep breathing and stay in this position for some time.

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Leg Raised Pose

Lie down on the floor and place your hands on the ground and bring your feet together. Now inhale and start lifting your feet to form a 90 degree angle. Stay in this position for some time and return to your normal position slowly. Always remember not to practice this pose in haste. It may leave you with an injured spine. Rest your body for some time and then repeat the pose.

Cow Face Pose

Sit up straight and place your right leg over your left leg. Take your right hand over the shoulder and move the left hand all the way to your back. Make sure that your neck and spine are held straight up. Stay in this position for 1 minute.

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Alternate Nostril Breathing Pose

Cross your legs and sit up straight. Your chin must face inwards i.e. slightly towards the chest. Rest your left hand on the left knee and the right hand on the right knee. Now, with your right thumb press your right nostril and inhale slowly through your left nostril. Once you have inhaled properly with your little and index finger of the right hand, press your left nostril and exhale from your right nostril. Repeat this using both the nostrils alternatively.

Cobra Pose

Lie down on the floor on your stomach and place both your hands right under your shoulders. Now raise your head, neck, and belly and stretch. Stay in this position until you are done breathing 10-15 times.

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