Yoga poses for better sex

Jan 18, 2014

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    Yoga improves your health as well as sex life

    Yoga has proven to be very effective for healthy living. It can rejuvenate you, refresh your mood and make you more active. Apart so many health benefits yoga can also improve your sex life.

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    Bitilasana improves your flexibility

    Bitilasana improves your flexibility and strengthens your back. The asana will help you with your sex life as it can help you be more effective and active while being on all fours. The asana also known as the cow poses includes you getting on all fours and stretching your back.

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    Saithalyasana strengthens the pelvis

    Get on your knees and lower yourself to the left side of your legs. While you sit in that position, slowly stretch out right leg behind you. Lower your hands to the floor and bend forward so that your forehead touches the floor. This asana opens your hip region and strengthens the pelvis.

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    Ustra asana improves blood circulation to your crucial organs

    The ustra asana also known as camel pose strengthens your legs, especially your knees. Get on your knees and slowly bend backwards till you can place your palms on your feet. The pose helps you with your sex life as it allows you to take the pressure off your knee cap while busy in the act. It also improves blood circulation to your crucial organs.

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    Anant asana rejuvenates your entire uro-genital system

    Lay down on your right side with your right hand supporting your head. Now slowly exhale and bend left leg at knee. Grasp left toe with left hand. Straighten leg, so it is at right angles to the body. Continue breathing normally. The asana will rejuvenate your entire uro-genital system.

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    Kapotasana improves your libido and your performance

    This yoga pose can be very helpful for your physical as well as sexual health. Bend backwards and keep your knees and elbows at shoulder width and you can expect some improvement in your libido and your performance. You will also feel more active throughout the day.

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    Setu asana makes you feel active

    The setu asana is also known as the bridge pose.  Move your feet hips-width apart with your hands clasped under your butt, so that your weight falls on your upper back and shoulder blades. This asana will not only improve your libido but it will also make you feel active.

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    Purna titali asana as a mood enhancer

    This asana acts as a mood enhancer and improves the uro-genital system. Place your hands on the feet, and pull your feet closer to the groin region. Hold this final pose for as long as possible and concentrate on your breathing.

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    Seated wide legged straddle improves the energy and the sex drive

    This pose is amazing for better sex life as it increases the circulation in your pelvic area. Seated wide legged straddle help the blood to flow exactly how it should thereby improving the energy and the sex drive. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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    Downward dog helps to improve your sex life

    Downward dog pose is another yoga pose that helps to improve your sex life. This pose will not only make you feel the sex vibes in the air but will also help in the blood circulation and rejuvenates the body. Image Courtesy : Getty Images