Yoga can cause injuries too

Sep 22, 2015

  • 1

    Holding breath when not required

    The very first mistake people make in yoga is when they hold their breath. In an attempt to get the pose right, people hold their breaths while trying to balance. This process of holding breath averts free flow of energy, creating tension and stress, making yoga counter-productive.

  • 2

    Not utilizing props

    Several props such as blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters can be used for support. Not everyone is alike and can have different limitations that can lead to injury. So, if you are unable to strike a yoga pose, use the props.

  • 3

    Doing the downward dog pose incorrectly

    The downward dog requires the whole body to work in harmony. In this pose, the spine needs to be straight and not curved. A bad posture can lead to injury in the wrist.

  • 4

    Not controlling their body during the plank exercise

    The plank exercise is a hard pose that if not done correctly can lead to injury. If you are new to this exercise, try doing it on your knees till you feel strong enough. Some common mistakes people make while doing this pose is not controlling their body from a collapse or keeping their elbows out to the sides instead of keeping them close to the ribs.

  • 5

    Not bending spine properly in the triangle pose

    In the triangle pose, the spine needs to be bent laterally towards the side. To do it correctly, your shoulders need to be in the same line as your hips and chest and the belly should roll up towards the ceiling. A very fatal mistake people make while doing this pose is trying to bend forward to reach the toes, which disturbs the spine’s alignment.

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