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Would you ever enter into an open relationship?

Open relationship is easy going, but is not for everyone. An open relationship is a pact between two people who don’t have to be sexually exclusive to each other and may establish relationships with others.

Snr By Himanshu Sharma / Apr 30, 2014

An Open Relationship

Gone are the days when relationships were conventional; now they are easy going. An open relationship is a pact between two people who don’t have to be sexually exclusive to each other and may establish relationships with others. From a non-sexual perspective, an open relationship is where both partners don’t keep secrets, including their past relationships and sexual experiences. (Image source:Getty)

The Perception

An open relationship is mainly seen as ‘no morals and no true feelings’ type of an entanglement. Most people get the wrong idea about open relationships. Owing to this reason, open relationships are often hidden. Irrespective of what society’s view is, open relationships do work; like other relationships it has its pros and cons. (Image source:Getty)

Do Open Relationships Work?

Communication makes it work! There is no chance of an open relationship to work when there is no communication. You aren’t completely devoted to your partner, but a healthy dialogue is important for the intimate bond between the two. (Image source:Getty)

The Rules

Just like monogamous relationships, open relationship too have certain rules and conditions. The common rules of an open relationship are to be honest, practice safe sex, maintain respect and be comfortable. If you want to enter into an open relationship, discuss with your partner what kind of relationship you want to have and listen to what they want from you. (Image source:Getty)

Safe Sex

When you are in an open relationship, always practice safe sex. You are responsible for your partner. Be cautious; don’t bring home the risk of sexually transmitted disease. (Image source:Getty)

Keeping Jealousy under Control

People entering into an open relationship should have no issues like jealousy. If jealousy arises at any point of time, you must talk it out with your partner. If you ignore jealousy, there could be problems down the road. (Image source:Getty)

The Commitment

Yes, there is a commitment in an open relationship! It is whether you and your partner are really committed to an open relationship. The pact can only work when both agree wholeheartedly and create a non-threatening environment where both can express their true selves. (Image source:Getty)

Do you want it?

Open relationship is not for everyone. You need to think why you want an open relationship. If you are sure that you can be in the one, considering all the pros and cons, then only you can go a long way in such a relationship. (Image source:Getty)


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