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Workout your Male Pelvic Floor to Save your Sex Life

Wondering what to do to improve your poor sex life? Strengthening your pelvic floor muscle should improve your sex life a lot. Here is what you can do to work on your pelvic floor and get better results.

Snr By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Aug 01, 2014

The Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor, the main support for the pelvic organs, is a layer of muscle stretching from the tail bone at the back to the pubic bone in the front. Since it is primary support for the pelvic organs, it plays a crucial role in your sex life as well. Here is how you can strengthen your pelvic floor to improve or save your sex life. Image Courtesy: Getty

What to Work On?

First of all you should know the muscles you need to work on. To identify the correct muscles, sit comfortably in a relaxed posture. Now squeeze the muscles that you do when you are hold back urine. You can also try it while urinating. That is the pelvic floor you are squeezing to hold the flow when urinating. Image courtesy: Getty


Warm Up

Now that you have indentified the muscles, it’s time to begin some simple exercises. Since it is just the beginning, you can perform the exercise while sitting. Squeeze and lift the pelvic floor muscles repeatedly for some time while you are sitting in a relaxed position. Image Courtesy: Getty

The Exercise

Once it has been few days performing the simple squeeze of the pelvic floor muscles while sitting, you can move to the next level. As the muscles strengthen you can now start exercising while standing. Image Courtesy: Getty

Step 1

Keep your legs, thighs and buttocks relaxed and squeeze on the muscles around your anus and urethra and try to hold the contraction strongly for as long as you can. It will strengthen your muscles that may soon give you a better sex life. Image Courtesy: Getty

Step 2

While you have been holding on the contracted muscles maintain normal breathing. Once you feel you may no longer be able to hold onto it as strongly, slowly release and relax for around 10 - 15 seconds. It is important to give the muscles ample rest after every squeeze. Image Courtesy: Getty



After you have got rest perform the step 1 once again and try to hold as long as you can. Repeat the steps for as many times as you can however make sure you allow your muscles to stay relaxed for at least 10 seconds before the next contraction. Image Courtesy: Getty

Speed Up

After you have spend a week or two performing the exercise you will be find better control on your muscles however it may still not be as good to have some positive impact on your sex life. Take the exercise to another level by performing 5 to 10 short and fast strong contractions. It will make the muscles even stronger and more responsive. Image Courtesy : Getty

Things to Remember

Make sure that you don’t hold your breath while performing the exercise. Always remember that you have to squeeze and lift the muscles strongly and not to push the muscles down. Keep your buttocks and thighs in a relaxed position. Image Courtesy

Make it a Routine

Perform the exercise for at least 5 to 10 minutes every day. Also make sure that you do it properly. It may take some time for the exercise to show the difference, so be patient and keep performing it regularly. You can expect an improved sex life once you have performed the exercise for some time. Image Courtesy: Getty


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