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Why you itch after taking a shower

There are times when your body itches after a bath. It could be a very common problem nowadays but then sometimes an itchy skin after a shower a symptom of allergic reactions. Read on and find out whether the itch on your body is worth worrying or no

Mind Body By Namrata Dutta / Feb 01, 2016

Hot water woes

Bathing itself can wash all the natural oils from your body. And when taking a shower in hot water can irritate the skin, dry it extremely and may cause inflammation.

Chemical based toiletries

There are times when you apply soaps and shampoos and forget to wash it thoroughly. One of the many reasons of an itchy skin could be the soap or shampoos, remaining on your skin after a bath.

Dry skin issues

If you think that your skin is dry, application of soap and water can worsen up the situation and in turn can make your skin itchy. Dry skins should be rinsed with water with oils in it.

Harshness of scrubbing

Well, apparently scrubbing way too harshly with loofahs and scrubs may not just irritate the skin but also turn it dry. And as you may be aware, dry skin itches.

Skin allergies and infections

Skin problems like Xerosis, Polycythemia Vera, Cholinergic Urticaria, Aquagenic Urticaria and Idiopathic Aquagenic Pruritus can cause skin itch and to cure these you need to consult a dermatologists.


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