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Why you are not Wearing the Right Bra and how to Find the Perfect One

About 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size. Are you sure the bra size you wear is the perfect one, made just for you? Let's put it to test.

Women's Health By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Feb 17, 2015

80 Percent of Women Do Not Wear the Right Bra

It comes as a surprise that despite the common use of brassiere since 1893, three in four women still do not wear the right one. By now, the women should have pretty much nailed it. Freya, a popular lingerie brand, says that about 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size. It further adds that an average woman wears a back size that is too big with a cup size that is too small.

So, what are we doing wrong? Is it that we couldn’t care less about giving our assets the perfect lift? Is it that we think it unnecessary to consider the importance of what’s beneath all the designer clothing? Well, it appears that the front needs some damage control. Here is how you can check whether you are wearing the right bra or not.

The bra must not move

The band of the bra that settles around your back must feel firm and remain in place throughout the day. Even slight movement implies that the rear of the bra is bigger than what it should be and is therefore, very likely to rub. An easy way to check if the band size is correct or not is to pull it at the hook and hold it away from the body. If there is a gap of an inch between the band and your body, the bra size is correct. If there is less than an inch space, you will have to go up a back size and if it more than an inch, you will need to go down a back size.

The cup should cover the entire breast

The cup of your bra should be big enough that is accommodates the entire breast without any excess flesh spilling around the sides or over the top. A small cup size is not only uncomfortable but it also gives an unflattering bulge resembling “four boobs”. If this happens, you should go for a bigger cup size.

The bra straps should not leave indentations

Be it on your shoulders or the rear side, straps must not leave any marks on your body. Similar to the band, the straps must be comfortably pulled an inch from the body. Try to adjust the straps until the breasts are supported in a natural way i.e. half way between the shoulder as well as the elbow.

The back band must sit around the middle of the back

The band of the bra at the rear must sit comfortably around the middle of the back. It should be in line with the front. If the back is higher, it implies that the breasts are not being optimally supported and that they will eventually slope downwards, as they do when are not supported by a bra.

The underwire must sit flat to your body

Check if the underwire is resting on the soft breast tissue. If it is, then the cup is too small and it could be making the wire dig in throughout the day. The wires of the bra must sit behind the tissue of the breast along the natural crease. If upon pressing, you can feel the bone, it implies that the cup size is right. Ensure that the center front of your bra lies flat against the body.

How to pick the perfect bra?

It is advised that a woman go through professional fitting every six months. Most lingerie departments offer a free service that is hassle-free and allows women to try different sizes and shapes. If you are going to try the fitting, it is important to remember that as the cup size  on the bra changes but it does not really affect the back size, though as the back size increases or decreases, the cup size can also become proportionally smaller or larger. So if you are thinking of going a cup size higher, you will need to go a band size lower to get the perfect fit.

Bras that every woman should have

It is possible that you have limited knowledge of the kinds of bra that are there out in the market. Of the many types, there are certain basic ones that you should carry in your wardrobe. Some of these include push-up, nude, strapless, seamless and sporty.


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